Disciple's Path

Learning to be a follower of Jesus

Disciple's Path is an in depth examination of how to be a Disciple of JESUS and how to grow in your love of God and others.

WHO: Open to Everyone
COST: Free workbooks available in the RESOURCE HALL
WHEN: 6 self guided Sessions* and 2 Group Gatherings**

Oct 1  - Session 1: A Disciple's Path Defined
Oct 8 - Session 2: Prayers
Oct 15 - Session 3: Presence
Group Gathering 1: sessions 1-3
October 22nd 1-3PM Fellowship Hall

Oct 22 - Session 4: Gifts
Oct 29 - Session 5: Service
Nov 5 - Session 6: Witness
Group Gathering 2: sessions 4-6
November 19th 6-8PM Fellowship Hall

*SESSIONS: Disciple's Path has 6, 5 day self guided sessions found in the Disciple's Path Daily Workbook which is located for free in the RESOURCE HALLWAY.

** GROUP GATHERINGS: These are two group discussions facilitated by Pastor Rob that meet in the church Fellowship Hall to discuss and supplement the material covered in Disciple's Path.  

An online group is also available and you can request an invitation to join by contacting  so that the conversations don't have to wait for our Group Gatherings.

Current Series

Disciple's Path

Exploring our relationship with Jesus.

With Open Hands
2017 Stewardship Campaign
He has given with open hands to the poor...Psalm 112

This Fall we will focus on stewardship of the open hand.  With open hands we are free to receive God's blessings.  Holding those blessings in open hands we are allow God to use them and even take them as His will desires.  

Please consider making a pledge this year with open hands as you support your church and the ministry of making disciples and changing the world.  
God Is Calling

You are called and God has a plan for you! Scripture gives vital insight into your purpose in life and how to discover and live that plan out.

Grow Up

Growing up a 2nd time might just be a lot more fun!