General Conference 2019

Pastor Lead Informational Sessions February 10th

Pastor Rob will lead two informative sessions in room #1 during services Feb. 10th.  We will discuss Christian Conferencing, the content of Bishop Mike's video and the process for General Conference.  You will get the most out of this conversation if you first watch the video of retired Bishop Mike Coyner's response below and the text on Christian Conferencing.  This will also ensure an informed and civil conversation.  

Mt. Olive UMC's Current Response: 


Focus on Christian Conferencing: 'how to have godly and respect-filled conversations over difficult subjects.' 
To educate ourselves on the information available at this time. So we can better inform the congregation.
To focus on what has not nor will change: Jesus is still Lord, God's Word is still God's Word, the church will continue to stretch out through eternity making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world and striving to minister to all peoples.  This all of us agree to!
To discuss the many things we have in common even with those we may strongly disagree.
Sermon series offered in 2018 inspired by Romans 14 - Holy Disagreements.   

Book to read: Holy Contradictions by Brian K Milford offered to the leadership of the church with general directions for engaging with the book.  Great text that models Christian Conferencing.
General Conference link for February 2019 and the Commission on a Way Forward. 
(Retired) Bishop Mike Coyner's Discussion on A Commission on a Way Forward.

According to John Wesley, this is one means of grace.
Others that he names include Prayer, Searching the Scriptures, Receiving the Lord’s Supper.

1. Respect others, as Jesus would have done when he was here on earth.
2. Pray for others as well as yourself, especially those with whom you disagree.
3. Listen to others before thinking about what you want to say in response.
4. Understand what others are saying so clearly that you could accurately state their view.
5. Share your own point of view with grace and humility, as well as honesty and candor.
6. Focus your comments on issues being discussed, not on persons expressing them.
7. Commit yourself to the unity of the Spirit, seeking consensus whenever possible.
8. Give the time needed to work through the process in which you are engaged.
9. Acknowledge that you may be wrong, even when you think you are right.
10. Allow the fruit of the Spirit to permeate your way of interacting with others: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

(Approved by the Indiana Conference UMC May 29, 2014)