Online Matthew Study

What is the Kingdom of God? What was the meaning of Messiah? What is meant by the Kingdom of God? How does it all apply?  Let's explore these questions together while we learn Bible reading tools that can help us not only in Matthew but in any scripture we might read.  

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Meetings open at 8:55 AM and begin at 9 AM.  To get the most out of this study use the STUDY TOOLS provided to help you in your reading.  A new tool will be added or reviewed each week so be sure to check this page often. 

Reading Schedule beginning 4-15-20
  • WEEK 1: Ch 1-7 the Major Themes of Matthew: 
  • WEEK 2: Ch 1-7 cont.
  • WEEK 3: Ch 8-13 Miracles and Parables
  • WEEK 4: Ch 14-20 The True Messiah
  • WEEK 5: Ch 21-28 Conflict Death and Resurrection 



Title Sample and paragraph breaks

Creating titles for the paragraphs of a chapter is a wonderful way to gain insight into scripture.  The sample above outlines Matthew Chapter 1.  Study it and the tips below and then give your own titles to Matthew 5-7 a section of Scripture commonly known as the Beatitudes and often considered by most to be the core of Jesus moral teachings for us.  

  • Make titles brief!
  • Your titles should be descriptive not interpretive.  What did Matthew just say not what do you think it means.
  • Avoid reading the headings in your Bible.  Make your titles your own.
  • Name chapters only after naming paragraphs.
  • Your Bible may have different breaks then the ones provided in our sample.  Use the sample so we can make equal comparisons.
  • Don't stress your titles.  They are meant to help you organize the text in your mind for recall.  
WEEK 2 STUDY TOOLS: Transitions

Transitions can tell us a lot about what the author is trying to say.  Transitions include changes in: audience, settings, time, subject matter, tone, even posture, etc.  Watch for these indications that the subject matter is changing.  These clues often bracket speeches or a series of events that are intended to be considered as a group.

Examples: Luke 4:14 marks a definitive beginning to Jesus ministry indicating that what came before can be considered preparation and now ministry proper is beginning.

na' is a Hebrew words often translated NOW and is frequently used in the OT to indicate a transition or progression in the narrative.  2 Kings 10:1 Now (na') Ahab had...

Another transitional clue is temporal in nature "After these things." This transition also points back to what came before.  Yes a new subject is introduced but can point to a cause and effect connection.  

In Matthew they are often location changes: Matthew 9:35 Matthew 11:1 Matthew 13:1 to mention a few.