COVID Action Plan

Masks are required  Sunday 11/28/21
Grant County is in the RED 

Updated 11/28/21 from
Red Masks Required - Orange Yellow or Blue masks not required - Unvaccinated please wear a mask

Sunday AM Schedule

Adult Bible Study Lead by Galen Clark ROOM 1
Nursery Care, Room 4
Worship Service
Mt. Olive Kids K-5, Godly Play, Room 6
Nursery Care, Room 4
Mt. Olive Youth the Attic
Adult Bible Study, Mike McDevitt Room 1
The Gospel of Mark, Pastor Doug Barton Fellowship Hall

4 - 6PM Meals and More
No Meals and More the month of December

Pastoral Message

Christmas Lights are all around.  I've taken the time to hang some humble decorations up at the Barton household myself.  But this season is really about one light the Light of Christ.  

During Worship this year in Advent we are going to explore that Light through the eyes of the Prophets, the Holy Family, the Shepherds and the Magi.  We will discover how each received a unique expression of that very same eternal Light the Christ.  Through songs, Godly Play and the Scriptures we will rediscover the true Christmas LIGHT!  How will you experience the true Christmas Light this season?

Matthew 4:16
...the people who sat in darkness
    have seen a great light,
and for those who sat in the region and shadow of death
    light has dawned.” 

May the Light of Christ Shine upon you and through you this Advent and Christmas season.
Pastor Rob
Last Months shared message from Bishop Julius C. Trimble "We don't give a blank about the poor"

Mt. Olive Highlights

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UMW Christmas Party

December/13/2021 6pm
UMW Christmas Party It is a carry in
 dinner meat and drinks provided
Will be held at Ellen and Brent Lindvall's
 house 1411 S. 500 W. Marion, IN 46952 

Calendar & week at a glance

8:30a Adult Bible Study
9:30a Worship Service
10:30a Mt. Olive Kids
10:30a Mt. Olive Youth
10:30a Adult Bible Study
5:00p Night in Bethlehem

Cub Scouts Pack 3442
 6:30 – 7:30pm
UMW-United Methodist Women's Meeting
 6:30 – 7:30pm
Admin Meeting 7pm
6a Morning Devotions
12:45pm Staff Meeting
6:30p Brianna's Hope
Boy Scouts Troop 433
6:00 – 8:00pm
6a Morning Devotions
7p Men's Group

Office CLosed
6a Morning Devotions

FRIDAY 12/10
Office Closed
Quilting Class

Betheham walk  Dec 5th 6-7:30pm
Preschool: Instant Nativity Dec 12th 4pm
Dec 24th Christmas Eve Service 7pm

Small Groups & current studies

Current Study

Sunday messages and online resources
Doug and Donna Barton
The Gospel of MARK
Fellowship Hall
Mike McDivitt
The Gospel of MATTHEW
Room 1
8:30 AM 
  • Adult Bible Study Lead by- Galen Clark- room #1

10:30 AM 
  • Gospel of Matthew - Mike McDivitt -  room #1
  • THE Study of Mark- Doug Barton - Fellowship Hall 

What Is Advent

The Advent wreath began as a German and Scandinavian home devotional practice used to mark the four weeks of Advent. Families would light a candle for each past week and the current week at their dinner or evening time of prayer. The configuration of candles, whether in a line or a circle, did not matter. Neither did the color of the candles (all colors are used in homes in Europe). What mattered was the marking of time and the increase of light each week in the face of increasing darkness as the winter solstice approached.
As Advent wreaths began to be used by congregations on Sundays in some places in Europe and America beginning in the late 19th century, several adaptations were made to make them work better in public worship spaces. Candles needed to be larger and more uniform than the "daily candles" handmade or purchased for home use. They also needed to be more uniform in color to fit with other décor in the sanctuary. That is why candles used in the Advent wreath are usually purple or blue, to coordinate with color of the paraments used during this season.

UMW has an on going Fundraiser for Terri Lynn Nuts, You can
click the link to order. There will not be any Terri Lynn Products this year at the Bazaar.  All orders proceeds will go to UMW.

Congregational Care & celebration dates

Find Your copy at church this week
Located outside the main Sanctuary Doors
And in our resource Hall Way

Birthdays and Anniversaries

1st Frank Downing
2nd Chuck Winegardner
3rd Sarah Woods
6th Harold Landers
7th Bridget Faust
8th Macallister Cheek
9th Kayah Harris
10th Connie Strange
10th Don Strange
12th Matthew Faust
12th Jackson Turner

14th Kevin Cates
16th Ross Foustnight
16th Marge Keller
18th Mason Cates
18th Barb Carson
18th Derwk Thompson
19th Becky Lawson
20th Nathaniel Beck
21st Amanda Thompson
22nd Don Lewis
22nd Donna Anthony
24th Bob Harris
25th Vikki Conrad

1st Vikcki and Ron Owings
3rd Alan & Sharon Mendenhall
13th Randy & Peg Hosier
14th Wendall & Bonnie Cates
14th Teresa & Troy Cass
20th Devin & Meghan Reishus
21st Toby & Galen Clark

POTTY POST  November is Diabetes Awareness


WEEK OF 11/28
Nedra Himlick is in MGH ICU with pnuemonia 
Jeff Paul Friend with Lymphoma treatment on Monday
Randy Hosier 2nd round of treatment
Tim Becker Father passed away
Kay Shafer Friend of Grandson
Grace Geller Kidney stones
Gray and Becci Odle grandson Zander having Emerancy surgery at Riley Hospital to replace a tube in his ear because of infection
Jeff Parrish has follow up on Monday

WEEK OF 11/21
Kyle Kurtz nephew of Jill Johnson ask for prayers he has had covid for a month and has clots in his lungs and pneumonia is being release from the hosiptal.
Abril Martinez Close friend of Kateri's Is on Dialysis and just found out she has Covid Please keep her in prayer
Norma Landers Praise for reconnect of a brother
Ruth Stevens son Andy fell down the stairs Sunday and fractured his neck he lives in Kentucky
Kay Shafer Grandson Jon Shafer who passed please keep Celinda and family in prayer
Gaylen Clark After surgery prayers
Grace Geller Kidney stones
Donna Barton David health  Lymphma
Ruth Stevens Finley  great nephew 3 weeks old
Piper young girl surgery  
Norma Landers 

WEEK OF 11/14
Galen Clark had knee surgery on Thursday
Donna Anthony Had mass removed on Thursday
Becky  Lawson recovering from surgery and Thanks everyoe for all the food and cards
Norma Landers Having Colonoscopy and Endoscopy Nov 16th 12:30
Norma Lander's Great Granddaughter 2 year old Piper will be going through Anit-Urinary Reflux Surgery
Garrett Geller got Eagle Scout
Norma and harold have been married 19 years

WEEK OF 11/7  
Randy Hoiser please him in prayer his cancer has returned,  prayers for the family too.
Becky Lawson had surgery on Tuesday on her shoulder prayers for healing
Stephanie Riebe Grandma passed away, prayers for family as they go through the loss of a wonderful lady.
Jeff Parrish Did well with Kidney Stone surgery Monday but will have to have another one  in 2-3 weeks. Prayers for on going problem
Donna Anthony  Going to surgery Dec 2

WEEK OF 10/ 31
What has God done in your life this week
Norma Jean Chambers Joy of site and being able to see the sunshine on all the changing colors on the trees,
Donna Barton The gift of sound and being able to hear the Praise team sing.
Bev Howard Praise for all the help from everyone in church for the Bazaar
Nancy & Dave Praise for 58 years of marriage the
Norma and Harold Landers were able to finely see their grandson after 3 years.
Pastor Rob is thankful for his wife (Lesley) And everything she does.
Steph Riebe grandma  Dorothy Riebe is on full term Hospice care, prayers for Dad and family as they prepare for the last days.
Bob Carson remembering the family through this time in grief.

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Worship Bulletin  & Sunday Morning Schedule

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This Sunday

Worship by Our Presence
Gathering and Fellowship
Lighting of the Advent Wreath
Godly Play Moment
  • O Little Town of Bethlehem
  • Prepare the Way
  • Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

Worship by Our  Prayers and Service
Prayers of the People
The Lord's Prayer
Worship by Our Gifts
Joyful Noise sings Messiah (Francesca Battistelli)
Worship by Our Witness
Message: Luke 2:1-5 The Holy Family
Song of Sending
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Go Now in Peace (Sleeth)
La Sagrada Familia; & Fred Rogers by Kelly Latimore February 1, 2017
More Icons by Kelly Latimore

Grant County Mission :
Men and Women Sizes
  • Socks
  • underwear 
  • t-shirts 
  • sports bras 
  • hats 
  • gloves
  • L & XL shower shoes/flipflops 
  • gift cards to Walmart & Meijer to supply various needs

White's Foster Care Tree
Tags for Christmas Gifts and gift cards for Foster Children in White's Family Services Care.

A Christian Denomination organization
They work with Afghan and other Refugees
Donate directly or through Mt. Olive UMC

Sunday Programming

Adult Bible Study Lead by Galen Clark ROOM 1
Nursery Care, Room 4
Worship Service
Mt. Olive Kids K-5, Godly Play, Room 6
Nursery Care, Room 4
Mt. Olive Youth the Attic
Adult Bible Study, Mike McDevitt Room 1
The Gospel of Mark, Pastor Doug Barton Fellowship Hall

4 - 6PM Meals and More
No Meals and More the month of December

Live Worship & media library

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