Single Board Model

Single Board Model info

Below is a video presentation of the Single Board Model to a local church.  
You will also find a link to an accompanying slide show below.
IMPORTANT: This model has not been adopted and Ad Board is in the research stage of decision making.

Did you know the the United Methodist Book of Discipline allows a church quite a bit of latitude in how its leadership is structured? This flexibility allows a church to customize its structure in order to best carry out its vision and ministries.

Furthermore, the Discipline permits a streamlined “single-council” structure for churches, which can help expedite decision making and allow more of a church’s members to be in ministry rather than doing administrative work.


Mt. Olive's Process of Discernment on the Single Board Model

For those interested in the discernment process and why Mt. Olive UMC Ad Board began exploring the Single Board Model in the fall/winter of 2020 here is a general overview.  
  • Communication
  • Timeliness
  • Eliminating the need for laity to sit on several boards at the same time
    • Late in 2019 Ad Board had a discussion around better communication among committees and with the church.
    • And also the fact that many laity serve on multiple committees which can lead to servant fatigue.
  • The following Ad Board Pastor Rob came back with a model from the UM Book of Discipline used widely among other UM churches called the Single Board Model.
    • Pastor Rob asked if the Board would like him to pursue more information about the model.  The Board asked that he would.
  • January 2021 an Ad Board presentation was made using resources now attached to this page.  
    • The Board expressed that they would like explore the model further.  
    • Pastor Rob suggested reaching out to Church Development Team to make a presentation of this model and to answer any questions.
  • Rev. Doug Anderson has been scheduled for March 15th meeting to give that presentation and discuss the logistics of making the transition.

No decision has been made at this point other than to research the Single Board Model option.  
To inform the congregation we will take the following steps after meeting with Rev. Doug Anderson.
  • Offer an informative webpage on our website: currently up
  • Post our conversation with Rev. Anderson on this page.
  • Board members present will be asked to give a brief explanation to their small groups to help inform the congregation.  
  • Pastor Rob will also address this from the pulpit before to inform the church we are exploring this option. 

Doug Anderson: Single Board Model discussion with Mt. Olive Ad Board April 7th, 2021

Conference Informational Video